Try It, You'll Like It

Some of you may remember this phrase, "Try It, You'll Like It, from a television commercial that aired in the early 70s. It was for a product called Alka Seltzer that was first marketed around 1931. Aka Seltzer is a remedy for upset stomachs and a favorite 'go to' for those who tend to overindulge in food and drink. Apparently, people were overlooking Alka Seltzer and the commercial was urging them to try it and they would like it...and hopefully use it again and again.

One of my all-time favorite songs is "Only You" by the Platters. The lyrics start out: Only you can make this world seem right; Only you can make the the darkness bright..." I've realized that I've grown to think of God this way. He is the only one that gives meaning to my life. He is the only one who works all things for good in my life. He is the only source of lasting peace that passes all human understanding. One God. One and only God. One True God. End of Discussion. Period.

But I've tried it the other way and I liked it. It's easy to push God aside and opt for a lazy Sunday morning at home rather than attend worship. I can find things to do that eat up my time rather then spend it with Him in the study of His Word and prayer. Why does neglecting God come so easy? 

John makes a solid declaration about the only true God. I am comforted by his use of the word 'only' in Chapter 17, verse 3. In a world where absolutes are being chipped away in favor of political correctness and a risk of hurting someone's feelings, the only true God, and Jesus Christ stand beacons -- absolutes in an absolute-less world.

I am pretty sure that you've tried it and liked it, too. That is putting 'other things' before God. Job? Money? Hobbies? Athletes? Movie stars? This 'setting aside' is prevalent in our lives of faith. But it's also a by-product of the sin sick and dying world that we live in.  A world that encourages self-indulgence and putting "me" first because I believe I deserve it. 

The song lyrics ring hauntingly true. It almost addresses God in a psalm-like setting. O Lord, only you, my God and my King make things right in this world..." We should fear, love and trust God above all things. There are times doing so is easy peasy, other times I fail. The one thing that is needed is to take steps to put my faith in action. Take to heart the words of John that we worship "the only true God." Then, make Him first in your life. Him. Only Him. Try it, you'll like it. 


"Now this is eternal life: that they know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent." -John 17:2